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New World Record Certified on Loaded!

loht_1316A new world record has been official certified for Loaded! One Hundred Truths! Set at Video Game Summit 2015 at 4:31p CST, the certified WorldStandings Record on the leaderboard belongs to gamer J. Jones (REL).  The first of a number of amazing scoring attempts on the game from competing gamers during the afternoon hours of the Midwestern event held in Northlake, Il., the official score for the personal arcade/PC version of the game stands at 1,316 points.

It Has Begun

Rise of HeroesWorldStandings officially opened the leaderboard of indie gaming at July 11th’s Video Game Summit 2014 now the second Rise of Heroes has begun. Five scores will make history and become part of the legend and lore of gaming. Five statues await those who dare. Who will answer the call? Who will rise to claim the title?  Keep an eye out for upcoming WorldStandings Rise of Heroes tournament locations and bounties.

Rise of Heroes Tour

uf071214Gamers ready to make the record books of indie play can set an official record on Loaded! One Hundred Truths! August 20 at the Emporium Arcade. This play event will be from 5pm to 7:30p and certified scores will make the release copy of Loaded! One Hundred Truths!

Rise of Heroes is Officially Open

uf071214 WorldStandings officially opened the leaderboard of indie gaming at July 12th’s Video Game Summit 2014. Gamers had their first chance to step up to the WSTR-1 equipped Loaded! in the WSN play-through on the convention floor. Now that gamers have had a chance play the game and grab a copy of the WSTR-1 regulations in the 2015 Armchair Historian’s Guide, WSN will be taking official score attempts. Keep an eye out for upcoming WorldStandings Rise of Heroes tournament locations and bounties.

Rise of Heroes Standings Event

uf071214Records will fall, heroes will rise and history will be made at Video Game Summit 2014. The first ever standings event for WorldStandings will be held today for the first game in the leaderboard of indie gaming. Gamers will have their first chance to prepare to set world records on the newly inducted WSTR-1 title, Loaded! This event will be the first chance that gamers will have to try the game at tournament settings. Rise of Heroes will be an open call tournament meaning all eligible gamers (according to article II) may compete. Good luck and updates and official standings will be posted as they are made available.

WSN Versus is Here

uf050414WorldStandings continues to blaze new trails as the leaderboard for indie gaming. Now you can Follow the Leaders of WSN on Windows Phone with WSN Versus, the first official app for the WorldStandings Network. The WSN Versus platform allows you to check news, record attempts and officially sanctioned events at a glance. Be there as new WSTR-ready titles rise, old records fall and heroes around the globe make history!

WSN is available now from the Windows Phone Store.

WSN Versus App is Coming

uf050314The first and only official app for the leaderboard of indie gaming is now under development for the most powerful phone on the planet. Get ready for WorldStandings Versus. It’s a new app that will allow gamers to track the achievements in indie play and get updates on records as they are set, spot all new bounties as they are announced and even to allow gamers to launch directly to WSN score submission with nothing but the power of their voice. WSN Versus is coming for Windows Phone this summer!