Armchair Historians Guide 2015

Rise of Heroes 2015 Announced

wsn_news_release(Jul 9, 2015) – The WorldStandings Network (WSN) will hold its 2015 standings event at Video Game Summit 2015. The WorldStandings Rise of Heroes Standings Event will allow gamers in North America and around the globe to enter the record books of achievement on the first leaderboard for indie games. The 2015 standings event will allow gamers to set records on a pre-release title.

In the Rise of Heroes open call tournament, gamers eligible under article II of the Articles of Play will be able to set world records on the indie title, Loaded! One Hundred Truths! from Egsa SoftWorks. While in proof of concept stage, the title had its ever debut on the convention floor at Video Game Summit 2014. The current version of the game adds some new features and adjusts the game’s official WSTR-1 scoring before launch. This year, gamers will not only have a chance to do a play-through to get a feel for the game during the convention and attempt to best the game’s built-in house scores, but they will also be able to submit official record attempts for certification.

As one of the five best players in the world, the first five record setting scorers will take home a Rise of Heroes 2015 trophy. All gamers that set a record during the convention will have the option to obtain an official Certificate of Standing beginning July 13, 2015.

Video Game Summit 2015 will be held July 11, 2015.

About WorldStandings(tm)
The WorldStandings Network (WSN) is the premiere leaderboard for indie games. The World Standings Network concept was the cornerstone of The Armchair Historian’s Guide – which included the first ever print edition of the Articles of Play. The 2015 Edition of the Armchair Historian’s Guide ISBN 978-0-9884167-1-0 is now available.

About Egsa SoftWorks(tm)
Egsa SoftWorks develops video games for mobile devices, personal digital assistants, notebook and desktop based computers systems. Devoted to the true hardcore gamer, the division’s titles include the cult hardcore hit Circuit Breaker.