Armchair Historians Guide 2015


World Standings is the premiere destination for devotees of player standings on independently produced video games. World Standings extends the competitive spirit of the local arcade by providing a clearinghouse for record breaking achievements in play.

World Standings is one of two such organizations that chronicle the rich heritage of video gaming. The first organization among all video game archivists is the Twin Galaxies Scoreboard. The world of gaming is forever indebted to the work of Walter Day and Twin Galaxies. Much as there is need for the Louvre and the Smithsonian, Caltech and MIT, World Standings was a need given form.

Differing in its scope and focus but sharing the common love of video-gaming, the Historians Corps at World Standings stand on the vast frontier of gaming working directly with a growing band of indie game developers to spotlight gaming achievement on great games that might otherwise have gone undiscovered. The World Standings Global Leaderboards not only chronicles achievements but also challenges gamers with regional and national and global contests that call gamers to play for their region and challenges desktop, console and arcade heroes to do battle on new untapped battlegrounds.

Top 5 Requirements for World Standings Inclusion (WSTR-I)
1. Game must have been released no earlier than Jan 1, 2010.
2. Game must have a developer issued Tournament Rules (TR) setting.
3. Game must be from an indie developer (see FAQ)
4. Game must be native code.
5. Game must have a points system.